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Maximizing Productivity

A case study on how GrandCentr.al helped a sales training company standardize its policies, procedures, and trainings all in one place


More Focused on Business Growth


Faster Hiring and Internal Procedural Training


More Deals Closed than the Previous Year


A sales training company was looking at how they could better manage people in multiple locations and improve their process on training their own staff, because at the time, it required a few months before they can get their staff start working.


The following were some of the problems the company had as it related to the management of their team: 

  • No central task lists that could be reviewed and managed by the executive team.
  • No way to easily keep track of repeating weekly organizational actions, such as executive reviews or one time checklists, such as onboarding a new employee.
  • No centralized location for job descriptions, flowcharts, policies and procedures and because it was so difficult to keep track of them, they just didn’t create them.
  • No formal structure for training staff, resulting in key executives having to spend countless hours going over the same thing over and over to get staff able to do their jobs.

This caused dropped balls, friction amongst staff, and people not being held accountable for their areas. The attention was mostly on putting out fires with little focus on where the business was really trying to go.


GrandCentr.al Management dashboard was activated, set up and implemented for them. The staff were trained on how to create policies, procedures, job descriptions and flowcharts. 

They built out their library and were able to start creating courses for staff and assigning that training to their staff. 

There is now a One Truth, single location with all in agreement, on where policies and procedures go and staff able to look them up if they ever have any questions.


The company was able to get the staff aligned and focusing their efforts in the same direction. Attention came off of simply putting out fires and focused on growing the business. 

They have seen significant growth in the company, reduced friction amongst staff, faster hiring and onboarding processes, and balls not being dropped the way they were before.

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