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A case study on how GrandCentr.al transformed a flooring distribution company’s operations


More Visibility on order processing & Financial Reporting


Accurate Reporting

Saving $100K+ in CRM costs yearly


This company is a commercial flooring distributor, providing products for small and large


They were faced with several challenges:

  1. The company was running their order management process through their accounting software. It was installed on one individual computer, and was very difficult for anyone else to access.
  2. Because accounting softwares are not set up to manage order flow, they could not keep track of the orders’ stages unless vendors or customers send them information.
  3. There was no overall report to see the order volume and margin on all projects running through the business. The owner was not able to see the reporting without significant manual work from key staff to put it together. Because it was so much work to generate the information and have it be 100% accurate, the people doing the manual reporting would round the numbers. So major business spending decisions were being made with inaccurate numbers.


Client needed assistance to move to an online accounting software that would allow multiple people to log into it at the same time. So the project began with a migration of their accounting software.

GrandCentr.al was then set up to receive leads, manage deals and was connected to their new accounting software, QuickBooks Online.

The order management module was activated on GC and staff were trained on how to use it. Once fully implemented, staff were able to enter orders very quickly, and have them automatically sync with Quickbooks so that financial management could happen in QuickBooks and order management could happen in GC.

Everything – From leads, proposals, and sales to orders being placed, received, and notifications sent to customers – happens directly in GrandCentr.al.

A custom dashboard was configured to allow the executive team to see all of the orders, margins on their orders, order history, revenue numbers, and sales activity.


The company now has a streamlined order management flow, visibility on where orders stand for each stage of the process, information flowing to the accounting software and reporting for all the necessary staff, including the executive team.

The entire team is looking at the same set of information, able to make better decisions on direction and execution of that direction, and opportunities and is focused on growing the business.

On top of this, the company saves thousands of dollars per month in expenses and now has 100% accurate reporting to work with.

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